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School Gardens

School gardens are a great way to use the schoolyard as a classroom, reconnect students with the natural world, and teach them valuable food production skills that integrate with several subjects.

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Environmental Solutions as Focus for Grades 6/7 to 10 (12-16 Years Olds)

Intermediate students can learn the state of their planet by exploring sustainability and environmental solutions.

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Environmental Education in French

Climate change (les changements climatiques) is an important and timely topic for integrating environmental education in French as a Second Language classes.

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Greening Chemistry

Greening chemistry, by studying ways to reduce or eliminate toxic chemical substances, is an excellent way to integrate chemistry with sustainability education.

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Sustainable Family Development - Helping Families Go Green

So many environmental efforts are aimed at individuals, but isn't the family a primary unit of change in our society? Sustainable family development helps families develop "green" competencies.

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How about some information on plant nutrition? The world is actually depleting the sources of chemical fertilizer. Nitrogen in commercial fertilizer comes

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Let the Lovin' Roll!

Let the Lovin' Roll! God bless all mankind's mother, Planet Earth, and all the plants and creatures Livin' here! And Let's reJoice at ev'ry baby's birth,

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Prayer for environmental tragedies

O God, everything is possible with you. On this frightening situation, we seek your help and forgiveness, for we abuse your creation. We repent for our

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Ecologicalizing Education

Ecologicalizing education means integrating the principles of ecology and reinforcing ecological understandings throughout as much of our teaching as possible.

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Prayer for the Earth

Our Mother, You are hurting and suffering from the selfishness and irresponsibility of your children. We dig into your womb, poison your streams and

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Greening the Holidays at School

Greening the holidays at school is vital. The festive season is the perfect time to teach life cycle analysis and sustainable development, as antidotes to consumerism and waste.

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Ecological Principles for Grades 4 to 5/6 (9-11 Year Olds)

As students start to explore and become curious about the bigger world around them, this is the time to give them a solid grounding in ecological principles and the laws of the universe.

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