Cost Savings Can Flow from Sustainability Learning

Energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste management measures can save money for a school or school district while helping students learn what they'll need to know
to be 21st century citizens.

This rationale for school greening is a perennial favourite with administrators (parents, politicians and school board trustees like it, too).

Sustainability learning is a side benefit when school principals realize how much money they can save through facilities greening projects. Get students to perform environmental audits in school and at home to contribute to savings.

"Schools spend more on energy than on computers and textbooks combined. Reducing energy use is an effective way to help cash-strapped schools funnel more money into the classroom instead of the local utility."
Alliance to Save Energy

One school I've worked in (mind you, it was very large and very old) saved $250,000 in two years through energy and water conservation measures!

I recently met up with the principal emeritus of that school. He has calculated that since 2002, the school has saved (sit down for this) $1.9 million by greening their facilities! In other words, that's how much more they would have paid over the years if they hadn't implemented energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste management strategies — counting in the rising costs of energy and water and waste disposal.

As I mentioned, it was a big old school, but imagine even a fraction of those savings back in your school's or school district's coffers!

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