Graces and Prayers for the Earth

These graces and prayers for the Earth come from different cultures and religions around the world. To contribute your own grace or prayer for the Earth, or to read what others have sent in,
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For a gift from GreenHeart Education, download a set of these graces as table cards (for a school garden harvest luncheon, for example). Be sure to scroll down to see the earth prayers. Simply print the pdf on heavy paper or card stock, fold in half, and set on your tables. Your students might enjoy decorating them first.

May all I say and all I think
be in harmony with thee,
God within me,
God beyond me,
maker of the trees.
— Chinook prayer, Pacific Northwest Coast, North America

Lord, the air smells good today,
straight from the mysteries
the garden
of God.
The trees in their prayer,
the birds in praise,
the first blue violets,
— Rumi

It’s harvest time,
It’s harvest time,
How rich is nature’s yield
In fruit of earth
And bush and tree,
From orchard, farm and field.
It’s autumn time,
It’s autumn time,
When leaves turn gold and red.
In smiling sky
And land and sea
God’s glories are outspread.
It’s Sukos time,
It’s Sukos time,
This day of our Thanksgiving.
We hymn the praise
Of God above
For all the joys of living.
— Israeli Sukos Song

How strong and good
and sure your earth smells,
and everything that grows there.
Bless us, our land,
and our people.
Bless our forests with mahogany,
wawa and cacao.
Bless our fields
with cassava and peanuts.
Be with us in our countries
and in all of Africa,
And in the whole world.
— Ashanti prayer (Ghana, Africa)

Thank you for the apples like berries
that color the trees and the sky.
I want to leap and talk
and then sleep in the air
where your fruits ripen and dance.
Mother of earth, this is my prayer!
Oh yes — at night
when we turn from father light
please cover my cloud bed
with your phosphorescence.
Thank you for your apples.
— Small Prayer by Scott Chaskey, North America

O Lord
Let my spirit
so brightly,
that darkness
will disappear.
— Islamic child’s prayer, Pakistan

All you creatures with wings,
Eagle and Bee,
Ichneumon Fly and Wren,
as you fly on our Mother’s breath,
I, your little sister,
ask you,
carry my heartbeat morning prayer
in your wingbeat:
"How I love you —
How I thank you —"
Carry it up to our Mother’s lap,
carry it into our Father’s ear,
carry it
tree times around
the belly of the Earth.
—Megan Boyd, North America

Flying out from
the Great Buddha’s nose:
a swallow.
— Issa, Japan

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes
— e.e. cummings, North America

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who makes the fruit
of the tree.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
whose word makes all
things on earth.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who brings food
out of the earth.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who gives clothes
to cover our bodies.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who makes sweet smelling
wood and plants.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who has kept us alive
until now so we may
find joy in what has
just come to us.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who has created
the wonderful things of
earth and heaven.
— Hebrew prayer, North America

When true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend
We will not be ashamed.
To turn, turn
will be our delight,
‘Til by turning, turning
we come round right.
— Simple Gifts, a Shaker song, North America

Mother of Plenty,
Bless this Bread
Father of the Grain, Lend Your Seed
Let it nourish Heart and Head
Let it nourish Thought and Deed
Let its breaking be a Spell
That hungry mouths be fed as well
And let its eating keep Us Free
As is our Will
Blessed Be!
— Wiccan prayer


Joanne Green's Crying Bird

In you O God, all things are possible. Grant us wisdom and integrity, knowledge and strength to do what is needed in this tragedy. We acknowledge your great gift of all life, and become co-creators with you when we live in responsibility and love to all you have created. Amen.
— Mary Ann Peterson

I offer the sorrow in my heart for this desecration of the waters of Mother Earth into the agency of Fire, where it may be transformed in prayer and carried upward to the Heavens. This sorrow is an expression of the love and intimate connection with Mother Earth. May any tears of sorrow cleanse us of the sense of separation from Her. May our intentions be received by the Celestials and lead to a restoration of balance to our planet. So be it.
— Linda Lauretta

What "Prayer for the Earth" Helps You During These Times?

The Earth is bountiful, but it's hurting. People are hurting. Have you found — or perhaps written — a prayer for the Earth that soothes you when all the environmental news is frightening? Or one that helps you remember to be grateful for all the blessings we still have? Please consider sharing it here with others — we all need a spiritual lift at times.

Prayers for the Earth Shared by Others

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Grant us the Wisdom to understand the Earth does not belong to us, but We belong to the Earth

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Let my Mother speak Let my Father sing Let my Spirit grow for my God is in everything good and very good So let it be that we are all one in Divine …

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God Bless Earth and Heaven 
God bless heaven and earth. Thank you, God, for each day.

Prayer for Mother Earth 
Today and now, I express my love and care for You. Forgive me for causing pain to You. Let me protect and nurture you once again. Let me heal Your wounds …

Restore the Earth's Former Paradise 
Dear Earth, I pray that wisdom floods and fills our minds and hearts, Awakening us into actions that are in line with your natural cycles. May your …

To Save the Amazon Rainforest from Extinction 
Then Creator of the world, watch over the Amazon rainforest for the precious gifts of the animals and the trees that can never be replaced. To the …

All Pray Infinitely for Planet Earth  
I pray every single prayer infinitely for every single species that belongs to planet Earth. Please save infinitely with every miracle these suffering …

Prayer for MEAN PEOPLE 
I lift up to you ALL people who do not realize they are being mean to others, like the OLD CITIZENS of this world. Please shower these mean people with …

God Bless the Earth 
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I pray for the world. Bless humankind and the Earth, the animals, the sea and birds. …

Dear Mother Earth 
Dear Mother Earth and its blessed seed, May the sun shine bright and the sky and clouds rise above the sea, May the day shine bright like a morning prayer. …

Let the Lovin' Roll! 
Let the Lovin' Roll! God bless all mankind's mother, Planet Earth, and all the plants and creatures Livin' here! And Let's reJoice at ev'ry baby's birth, …

Prayer for environmental tragedies  
O God, everything is possible with you. On this frightening situation, we seek your help and forgiveness, for we abuse your creation. We repent for our …

Prayer for the Earth 
Our Mother, You are hurting and suffering from the selfishness and irresponsibility of your children. We dig into your womb, poison your streams …

To All People  
To All People in All Lands for All Times, PEACE May we be responsible stewards of the earth and improve it wherever we may be May we be strong, …

My Beloved Mother 
Om Beloved Mother, keep our faith firm, Fill our heart with healing light Give us strength to restore our earth Give us courage in the mind of peace …

Prayer for Humanity 
My prayer is for human rights and dignity for all, under the care of God. I pray for all leaders of governments and the United Nations to surrender to …

Prayer for Every Family on Earth 
LORD bless our family with openness to real communication with sharing in all our joys and sorrows with freedom to let each other grow with …

"Return to the Trees" 
Trees, you were there for me when I kneeled and I begged, you were evergreen when I held your leaf, everything you've done, you've always been there …

Honoring the Divine 
Let us recognize that Earth itself IS God. The giver of life, the Divine Creation. We receive what we give. Live in Harmony with the Divine.

Prayer for World Peace and Prayer Day 
Let's all pray for and bring peace wherever we go! Bless all the people joining in this celebration on this day of June 21st, 2014 worldwide (World Peace …

Prayer for the Globe 
Dear God, We pray for our Earth. Those things we are told that are beyond our repair - we ask that you repair them while teaching us what we must learn. …

Easter Eco-Prayer 
Easter Eco-Prayer (to the rhythms of the Lord's Prayer) Our Gaia, Spring's Easter spirit fills our hearts and lives. Life is renewed for all to feel …

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Christmas Eco Prayer 
Christmas Eco Prayer (to the rhythms of the Lord's Prayer) Our Gaia, your Winter Solstice heralds Christmas time. Stars in our eyes, fire in …

Prayer for Peace in the Universe 
Dear God, I am just a simple human being, a simple guy, but my life is full of love. I am kneeling before you, oh God. Please bless the Universe …

A Prayer for Nature 
I pray our fast-paced humanity has the sense not to destroy the Earth. Plant a tree, destroy a gun. Amen

Prayer for mean and greedy people to be turned nice or kept out of power 
Dear GOD: The animals, plants, air, water, children, babies, and old people and disabled need YOUR help. Please help. We thank you for that help as we …

Mutual Blessing 
May the energy emanating from every step I take re-sanctify the Earth. May the energy emanating from every breath I take re-sanctify the Earth. …

Yogic Prayer to the Earth 
I breathe in energy of life I breathe out love of the Earth I breathe in inspiration I breathe out love of Earth's creatures I breathe in the winds …

The Earth's Prayer
(to the intonations of
the Lord's Prayer)
Our Gaia, whose art is nature - abode of our life, Your time has come, your battle won for people's planet-consciousness. Teach us each day, how to …

Prayer for All the World  
Compassionate and loving god, you created the world for us all to share, a world of beauty and plenty. Create in us a desire to live simply so that …

Prayer Tupi Guarani - Leonardo Nunes (Davhana) The voice of Your spirit, Oh Tupã, can be heard in all four corners of the Earth. Driven by the force …

Hymn to Goddess Earth (from Atharva Veda), continued 
Atharva Veda, Kanda XII, Sukta 1, Mantras 1-63 translated from the Sanskrit by Maurice Bloomfield (1897), in Sacred Books of the East, Volume 42 Continued …

Hymn to Goddess Earth, from Atharva Veda 
Atharva Veda, Kanda XII, Sukta 1, Mantras 1-63 translated from the Sanskrit by Maurice Bloomfield (1897), in Sacred Books of the East, Volume 42 This …

Prayer of Blessings for the Earth Walk 
May the Great Spirit bless you May the Great Spirit guide you May the Great Spirit be with you As you walk through your way

Daily words of the Buddha 
May all creatures, all living things, all beings one and all, experience good fortune only. May they not fall into harm. Angutta Nikay II

May Peace Come to Earth 
May peace come to earth. Thanks for nature. God bless people in the world.

circles of light  
with all my heart from my heart i see clear waters healthy creatures beloved brothers and sisters breathing together with the earth we are all …

Prayer for the Hurting Earth Dedicated to the Victims of Tsunami 
O God, Slow to anger and full of constant Love, calm the raging waters of death, that devastate the lives of people. We lift up to you in humble prayer …

Prayer for Japan 
O God of the sea and of the mountains, we acknowledge the effects of our deeds, particularly of hurting earth through the mining activities of people, …

Spirit of the West 
Oh Spirit of the west In the colorful sunsets that autumn brings May I see myself as the spirit that I am In the passing seasons of mother nature …

For You, Dear Mother 
From the ignored and forgotten simple plants in the yard most consider weeds, you bring food and medicine. On this dear little plot of land I will not …

Prayer of Love for Mother Earth 
Mother Earth, May we learn from your being to persevere with faith, to balance with grace to embrace with love and give of your bounty.

EARTH: The Best GIFT to Humankind 
Heavenly Father, we praise and thank you for giving us water to drink, air to breathe and land to stay upon. May these 3 earthly elements remind us …

Pray for the Gulf of Mexico 
Oh Mother Father God hear me now My heart is heavy with sadness about the gulf oil leak Oh Mother Father God remind my brothers and sisters: that …

Prayer for All of the Animals and Marine Life Affected by the Gulf Oil Spill 
Pray for the Dolphins, the great Whales, the Stingrays, the Sharks and all of the fish of the Ocean — their only home. Pray for the Pelicans — our Brother …

Love yourself. Every part of yourself. Even the things you do not wish to see are a part of you and need to be understood so that you may heal. Our …

Seeing the Spirit 
Spirit breathes the aliveness Into every flower and tree, And foster our connections To life's Sacred Mystery. The net that binds us together Is the …

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Prayers for the Earth

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