GreenHeart Education Services

Would you like some support in your journey as an educator to green your classroom, your curriculum, or your school community? Is your school or school district looking for a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator on transformative education for sustainability? Do you need someone to clearly explain the climate change emergency and its ramifications for the field of education? GreenHeart Education Services can provide all of these
— and more.

Here are the services we offer...

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Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops

Julie Johnston, GreenHeart's Sustainability Education Consultant, specializes in greening the heart of teaching and the education system. She can present on this topic in a keynote address, a virtual (online) seminar, or an in-person workshop. Julie usually presents to educators who teach kindergarten/primary to senior secondary grades, but her audiences have also included students of all ages, school board trustees and other stakeholders, parent groups, university faculty and students, and the public.

In August 2012, Julie took the train to San Francisco where she trained with the Climate Reality Project. She is now a Climate Reality presenter, and offers a slide show on the climate change emergency that includes important ways the field of education can contribute to solutions.

Dr. Peter D. Carter, GreenHeart's science advisor, makes presentations on the climate change emergency at community forums and academic conferences. He has presented on today's committed (unavoidable) global warming, Arctic carbon feedbacks, ocean warming and acidification, and the impacts of climate disruption on food security.

Our presentations are compelling, thought-provoking and inspiring.

  • Greening the Heart of Education (keynote / presentation, professional development workshop)
  • Transformative Education for Sustainability (keynote / presentation, professional development workshop)
  • Green Families, Compassionate Schools (for parent and public forums)
  • Whacky Weather, Food Fragility and Compassionate Climate Action (The Climate Reality Project slide presentation)
  • The Climate Change Emergency and Food Security
  • Gifts from the Garden — The Value of School Gardening
  • Using Sustainable Development Principles as a Discussion, Planning and Decision-Making Framework
  • The Ecological Revolution
  • Sustainable Family Development
  • Taking Homeschooling Outdoors — Sensory Awareness and Other Fun Ways to Learn with the Rest of Nature
  • and more ... just ask!

  • Guest Appearances

    Both Julie and Dr. Carter are available to speak on radio or television, at conferences and service club meetings, and to groups of any size, virtually or in person. Please contact us here.


    In conjunction with our good friend, Stephanie Foster (of Fostering Sustainability), we can provide your educational institution or school district with a full slate of services to help you green your facilities and operations, your institutional behaviours, as well as your curriculum and academic program.

    The People We Work With

    To help green the heart of education, we offer GreenHeart Education Services virtually and in person for

    • individual educators (through consultation and online professional development opportunities, and by providing links to resources)
    • school staffs (professional development seminars and webinars)
    • school districts (keynote addresses, professional development workshops, presentations to administrators and school board trustees)
    • PTAs / Parent Advisory Councils at schools
    • postsecondary institutions (faculty, student groups, conferences and forums, sustainability staff, administration)
    • education students and faculty (presentations and seminars for pre-service teachers and others)
    • environmental NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) who work in the field of K-12 and informal environmental and sustainability education
    • education policymakers, ministries of education, and politicians responsible for education
    • businesspeople who have a role in educating for a viable future
    • spiritual and religious groups concerned about Creation and the natural world

    Fees for GreenHeart Education Services

    For our consulting services, presentations and workshops, we offer a sliding scale of fees for individuals, non-profit groups, not-for-profit associations, not-yet-profitable social enterprises, and for-profit companies. Our fees are also differentiated for those working in developed nations and those working in countries with developing economies. Please contact us to see how we can help you green the heart of education.

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