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To find your own way is to follow your bliss.
— Joseph Campbell

GreenHeart Education Homepage

Compassionate Climate Action Blog (where I try to plant the seed of compassion in the hearts of everyone involved in the good fight to safeguard the climate and the future)

Climate Change Primer

School Greening

Greening the Curriculum

Greening School Facilities

Greening School Behaviour

Reasons for Greening (need some courage boosters?)

Integration as an Ecological Teaching Tool (this growing section is great for anyone who understands the impacts of reductionism in education)

Transformative Education — Transformative Tools for Sustainability Education (a paper I presented at the 4th World Environmental Education Congress)

Friends with Nature — Transformative Nature Study (another fun and evocative section)

The Value of School Gardens

Vegetarian Schools

Sustainable Family Development

Gratitude — Saying Grace Together

Child Honouring

Postsecondary Sustainability Education

Greening Early Childhood Education

Greening Homeschooling

Future Generations (join the r/evolution!)

Barriers to Environmental Learning and Action (the literature review from my master's thesis in environmental adult education)

Enticements to Environmental Learning and Action (again, from my literature review)

  • Includes a guided visualization to connect us with the rest of Nature

About Us

Contact Us (We would love to hear from you!)

GreenHeart Education Services (find out what services we offer to educators and allies)

Testimonials (in case you'd like to hear what others have to say about our services before contracting us to present a workshop or keynote address)

GreenHeart Education Blog

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