Just Say Yes

by J. D.

This is one of the "sad ending" stories you mentioned. I was working in a school with fairly barren classrooms and suggested that we get plants for every class. That parents' group has agreed to fund the purchase of these plants.

Here is a transcript of my conversation with the principal when I asked permission to move forward on this idea:

Principal: But who will look after these plants? (I figured he was thinking that support staff would get saddled with this job.)

Me: The students! It will be a lesson in personal responsibility, and teachers can create a roster of who's to water the plants and when.

Principal: But what will happen to the plants during the summer holidays?

Me: Well, the teachers and students can take them home to "foster" them over the summer.

Principal: But what will happen if the plants die?

Me: That's the circle of life! A wonderful lesson!

We did not get plants in our classrooms. (If anyone has suggestions for how I could have presented the case for plants in the classroom better, I would love to hear them. I thought it was a no-brainer ... that everyone would welcome plants in the school setting. I guess I just wasn't prepared for so many objections.)

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May 13, 2014
If I were...
by: Ludy Laud Reyno

If I were your principal, I would rather accept your suggestion. Plants absorb most of the toxins, especially in rooms we're crowded into. These will also beautify and give pleasant airways. I am fond of putting indoor plants at home... in the living room, in the comfort room, in the dining room and even in the bedroom.

JUST...see the good effect.

Oct 15, 2011
Benefits of Plants in Classrooms
by: GreenHearted

It seems so, well, natural to some of us to want to make our schools "homier" by placing "house plants" in our windows.

Have a look at Greening School Behaviour to find links to the benefits of house plants. (Scroll down about halfway.)

And if there is pushback against a whole-school policy, then start by simply putting plants in your own classroom, then the staffroom, any sunny hallways, and perhaps even the school office! Assign your students to take care of them, and be sure to have a plan in place for summertime care of the plants.

I hope you have better luck the next time you try to "green" your school!

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