We Must Mobilize to Fight Climate Change

We've Mobilized Before,
We Can Do It Again

Our education system must mobilize to fight climate change.
All of society (including our schools) mobilized — and fast! — when
World War II became a threat. We can do the same now.

School children mobilizing for war

I consider myself a pacifist, but as I see it, fighting global warming and climate change (and transforming the worldviews and lifestyles that create them) is our third world war - and one that leaves us no choice but to fight the good fight.

If that sounds extreme, remember that World War I broke out after two people — Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg — were assassinated. World War II broke out because Hitler's Nazism was a threat to national sovereignty and human freedom.

What we're up against now is a threat to the future of all life in the biosphere, including human beings. This world war is for global security and survival.

Our education system can and must mobilize again, along with the rest of society, to move us from fossil-fuel dependence (and greenhouse gas emissions) to a safe and clean renewable energy economy.

Mobilizing school children for the war against climate change

Recent news reports about food shortages and economic breakdown around the world are a reminder that life is changing. Our students will need new knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to help in the "war on climate change" and to become members of a green workforce. School food gardens are one excellent way to start "mobilizing" to teach 21st century students, who need to learn the skills of:

  • soil building
  • food growing
  • rainwater catchment
  • localized energy generation

It's impossible to grow food overnight, and it's impossible to learn to grow food overnight. Isn't it negligent and foolish to wait until the ravages of the climate change emergency are at our doorstep — and on our dinner plates?

After all, where would we be today if Winston Churchill hadn't been planning and preparing long before World War II broke out?

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