Pray for the Gulf of Mexico

by Blaine

Oh Mother Father God hear me now
My heart is heavy with sadness about the gulf oil leak

Oh Mother Father God remind my brothers and sisters:

that together we are powerful
that together we are strong
that together we can do anything
that our love for mother earth will be her/our saving
that this love will prevail
that the vision of her healing will heal her
that the thought of her healing will heal her
that we do not have to know how this miracle will occur
that we just hold the notion that it will occur

Oh Mother Father God all that is:
we the children of the earth
speak the gulf oil spill healed
vision the gulf oil spill healed
feel the gulf oil spill healed
we rejoice in the clean pristine waters of the gulf
we rejoice in the restored balance and beauty

we give thanks for this healing and release it to the universes

and so it is

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