Prayer for Japan

by Sr. Lilia Masalta, SSpS
(Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, Kasambagan, Cebu City, Philippines)

O God of the sea and of the mountains, we acknowledge the effects of our deeds, particularly of hurting earth through the mining activities of people, polluting the sea without minding what this leads to in the future. Here we are on humble and bended knees, heart full of hope for your deliverance from the radiation that might endanger people's lives and all creation's species.

Be appeased, O God of earth. Hear the cries of the innocent children. Keep us aware of our pride, which leads us to become indifferent, wanting to conquer the richness of your creation... We invite you to help us learn a lesson of life... giving and oozing for the world's sustenance.

Teach us the meaning of true power, which does not forget our own stewardship rather, a power that keeps us awake of the many graces you offer us. May your power of love, patience and compassion help us to reflect more and more of the pain we cause you, O Mother, the Earth... May your wounded heart caused by the money-oriented activities of digging and exploiting the core of your heart, the Earth, our true home, make us discover the value of HOME which is Eternal... of Life... that connects the rest of the world... May we realize the value of asking your forgiveness in the destruction that we've done... in all forms....

Master of the seas and of the waters, Power of the mountains and of the Trees allow us to return to you in humility and acknowledgment that we are only caretakers not masters, that we are stewards of life and not of destruction... Teach us the real meaning of life in loving the Earth. Forgive us for our indifference and the violence we've inflicted upon you, O Mother, Earth, Cradle and true Home of us all.

God, Abba, true source of everything, Jesus who died on Earth to experience the glory of life with the Abba, Give us your Spirit... Life... Strength and Joy... Hope and Salvation, now and forever... Amen.

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