Prayer for mean and greedy people to be turned nice or kept out of power

by Liz
(Pasadena, CA, USA)

Dear GOD: The animals, plants, air, water, children, babies, and old people and disabled need YOUR help. Please help. We thank you for that help as we see the world becoming what YOU want it to be, not harmed and filled with pain and heartbreak by a few mean, greedy people who do not care for all the amazing and awesome things you have given to all of us.

Please look and wash those who go along with the bad and greedy people. Thank you for helping them to see that the things they buy, the people they do not stand up to, the things they do not stand up for harm YOUR gifts and the creation you have gifted to us all.

Thank you for all those who have shared their broken-heartedness and their blessings, for opening people's eyes, changing world leaders and helping the world to change to a better and more thankful one by all of us.

Thank you for this site that offers soothing to a broken heart as a rough day confronted with the evil of one horrible person has harmed so many animals and people in just one day. Thank you for someone who offers us a place to heal and know God heals us, so we can be thankful for that healing even in the midst of horrors.

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