Prayer for the Hurting Earth Dedicated to the Victims of Tsunami

by Sr. Lilia Masalta, SSpS
(Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, Kasambagan, Cebu City, Philippines)

O God, Slow to anger and full of constant Love, calm the raging waters of death, that devastate the lives of people. We lift up to you in humble prayer the people of Japan and those of Hawaii who are facing the eruption of Kelauea volcano.

Help us to ponder again how much pain we've caused Mother Earth to agonize for many long, long years... May we at this time become aware of the effects of losing sight because of power. Teach us true contrition that will purify our motives in following your will, oh God.... Let us remain open to your will, Lord, not only during exceptional events that shake the world like the tsunami, but at all times. Let the roar of the tsunami find an echo in our hearts, to listen with a willingness to be responsible for all the decisions that we make each moment.

To ask myself with an awareness that everything I do has a spiral connection with the events of the world.... Would this mean a movement from complacency to involvement? Or would this be a shaking message of the Abba to keep us more vigilant, prudent in the use of the talents You have given us.

May your Presence, O God, help us to be true to our commitment as your partners in taking care of Earth that without you, O God of the Universe, we can do nothing.

Thank you for allowing us to experience life to the full and for loving us without condition. May your Spirit continue to fill the hearts of the faithful to extend and reach out to those who are in need, those who are at this time hungry not only for food but for the kindness of heart to remember them in prayer and be one with them in their struggle of pain and suffering.... Amen to you, O God of the Universe, God of Creation.

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