by Mario Lucio
(Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Prayer Tupi Guarani - Leonardo Nunes (Davhana)

The voice of Your spirit, Oh Tupã, can be heard in all four corners of the Earth. Driven by the force of the winds, it touches the inside of our souls. As the thunder that echoes in the furious weather and the lightning that illuminates the darkness of a moonless night, guide our destinies by apecatu paths. Do not ever allow that our faults interfere in the great work of Your hands to create nature, because she is our kind mother who gives us life on Earth. That Thy great eyes that scan the horizon, as the watchful eye of the hawk from the sky spying the forest, protect us from all evil forces. Thus, oh Great Spirit, as Amanacy sends us Your blessed rain to wet the thirsty ground for water, throw us Your blessings so that our spirits are bathed in holy rain of Thy eternal love.

Tupa: Quote given the Great Spirit, God Almighty. Apecatu: The Good Path. Amanacy: Represents energy regent of the waters that come down from heaven.

Excerpt from the book: Davhana, A Secret is Revealed

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