Seeing the Spirit

by Peter

Spirit breathes the aliveness
Into every flower and tree,
And foster our connections
To life's Sacred Mystery.
The net that binds us together
Is the spirit we hold in kind,
The abundant, unlimited expression
Of the Creator's breath divine.
Humankind is always looking
For ways to measure the soul,
Never really seeing the Spirit
That makes Creation a whole.
Fragments rest in every part
Of the natural world we know,
But when we forget the Oneness,
We fail to honor Creation's flow.
Spirit flows in unity through
The Source from which all came,
Visible to every seeker who
Has found the Eternal Flame.
That fiery connection to all life
Rests in the love that lies within,
A Oneness that gives us no recourse
But to see the spirit in all our kin.
— Jaime Sams, in Earth Medicine: Ancestors' Ways of Harmony for Many Moons

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