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All Pray Infinitely for Planet Earth

I pray every single prayer infinitely for every single species that belongs to planet Earth. Please save infinitely with every miracle these suffering

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Prayer for MEAN PEOPLE

I lift up to you ALL people who do not realize they are being mean to others, like the OLD CITIZENS of this world. Please shower these mean people with

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Restore the Earth's Former Paradise

Dear Earth, I pray that wisdom floods and fills our minds and hearts, Awakening us into actions that are in line with your natural cycles. May your original

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To Save the Amazon Rainforest from Extinction

Then Creator of the world, watch over the Amazon rainforest for the precious gifts of the animals and the trees that can never be replaced. To the bad

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Green Schools are Vegan Schools

Green schools are vegan schools. Meat and dairy products at school are no longer cool because they contribute to global warming and climate change.

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Kids Can Save The Planet

Dylan is a young filmmaker who took on a journey to learn all about plastic pollution and how it affects the planet. The success of his first film led

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God Bless the Earth

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, I pray for the world. Bless humankind and the Earth, the animals, the sea and birds. Protect

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Climate Change Primer

This climate change primer gives teachers what they need to know about greenhouse gas pollution, and offers resources for teaching it.

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School Gardens

School gardens are a great way to use the schoolyard as a classroom, reconnect students with the natural world, and teach them valuable food production skills that integrate with several subjects.

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Environmental Solutions as Focus for Grades 6/7 to 10 (12-16 Years Olds)

Intermediate students can learn the state of their planet by exploring sustainability and environmental solutions.

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Environmental Education in French

Climate change (les changements climatiques) is an important and timely topic for integrating environmental education in French as a Second Language classes.

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Greening Chemistry

Greening chemistry, by studying ways to reduce or eliminate toxic chemical substances, is an excellent way to integrate chemistry with sustainability education.

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